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More on Accident Repair


More on post accident Firberglass repair work

joins being made steel tabs were then removed and the remaining sections feathered back and glassed:

While waiting for the fibreglass to set there was time to look at some of the other outstanding odd jobs. Dave came up with some spaced off brackets to hang the mid section of the exhausts, Previously the attachement point had been quite low but these seem to be a neat solution.



Another outsanding odd job was the headlights, the outers were suffering from rust on the liners and manky chrome frames so I sourced some Wipac replacement units, the reflectors on main beam lights were in good condition but I decided to replace the holders as well so the all looked nice and shiny.

After prepping the new repair for paint and a few layers of primer a base coat of red has been applied and flatted back, Theres quite alot of paintwork still to do but the current basecoat should be ok for the vic check,

The exhaust light cluster and bumpers were then refitted to get an idea of how well they fitted and to see how they looked on the car.

As a final job the exhausts were trimmed to the same angle as supplied by Relaint.

The Vic Check and RE-MOT were the final part of the accident repair process and and by the end of March 2011 the Scimitar was fit for the road again with all checks passed and repairs signed off.

Scimitar GTE Damaged in an Accident – January 2011

About a month had passed since I got the GTE Back on the road when someone drove into the back of my car while waiting at a roundabout. I was stationary and the car behind came into the back at about 20 mph.

The impact did quite a bit of damage to the bodywork, exhaust, bumper and light cluster, and bent the bumper support bracket on the chassis. I was devastated that the car was back off the road after only having a month of use. The following pictures show the damage on the day of the crash.

The car was insured Fully comprehensive on a Classic Policy but the claims process was quite drawn out and it was several months before I got a payout and could start to think about the repair work.

MOT’d On The Road!

On December 31st 2010 The Scimitar was MOT’d for the first time in at least 10 Years which is a major milestone in this project.

The following photos show the car on its first long distance run, As it was in January 2011.