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Back on the road 3000, Mile Review


Having covered 3000 miles in the scimitar since its MOT in December it seemed a good time to take stock of how far the car had come (no pun intended.) Generally the car was running well and was regularly used. But There are a few issues which need to be addressed soon….

In a supermarket carpark a large speedbump took out the overdrive wiring to the solenoid, It seemed odd that it shoud have made contact as I took the bump at very low speed. After some comparison to the workshop manual It tuned out that the ride height all round had dropped by 2″. I spoke to Gaz (who supplied the springs) and it emerged there has been a manufacturing fault that has caused the springs to settle, apparently its affected more than one Scimitar.

I’m also going to have to drop the gearbox out to change the clutch release bearing – its whining badly at the moment. At the same time I’m going to remount the overdrive on the box to cure a slow oil leak.

I sat down and did some calculations the other day and worked out that the current average MPG (even without the overdrive) was 25mpg. Based on a tank of fuel and a equal mix of driving on local roads, A roads and motorways.

A couple of recent photos: