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More on interior fit, Speakers Amp etc

The Vinyl for the roof had to be done twice as the contact adhesive went off too fast the first time, Came out quite well in the end.

I’ve also modified the glovebox to give a shallower depth. This has allowed enough room behind to fit a Compact 4 channel amplifier.

Having missed out on getting a new set of original elac speakers on ebay I decided I would upgrade using all British made equiptment, Amp, Midranges, Crossovers Tweeters, Bass. This will run with inputs from the origonal radiomobile and a jack for an mp3 imput in the glove box. It will all be invisible in the car.

When the subdash was out the vinyl around the glove box and the drivers end was replaced.

While reconnecting the dash wiring (dash came out while carpeting) the radiomobile was shorted out and a choke/interference suppressor on the power supply section of the circuit board caught fire as well as an amplification transistor burning out. The transistors are visible on the outer body of the unit Left hand side but are positive while the case is negative earth. Worth watching out for as shorting them out is a significant fire risk. I was able to get a replacement transistor on ebay and replace the damaged one, the choke was replaced with a wirewound power resistor.

Carpets Continued

A Few more carpeting photos. Sorry about the fluff I’d not hoovered the carpets before taking the photos.

There were a few quirks with the cut carpet set which could probably be improved on, In places Cloverdale had trimmed things needlessly and there are other points where it could have done with some! This is one of the drawbacks with the precut carpet set. Also some parts arent included for example the glove box lining.

Fitting the seatbelts turned into a long horrible job I was short on mount bars so had to make some up and getting them folded and fitting turned out to be very time consuming. Funny how the simple jobs take the longest.

Front passenger footwell. The carpet on the bulkhead was trimmed which had to be removed before fitting.  :?

With the overcarpet in place.

Blower motor apature,

Gearbox tunnel, With new Securon seatbelts

I’ve picked out a couple of quirks in the carpet set here the red section could have done with trimming, like the other face and the trim in the blue part is pointless on my car as that section is covered by the plastic side trims.

Drivers footwell,

Air vent.

Interior fit, Carpet, Seatbelts, Insulation

This post covers a few interior jobs, laying down the insulation, carpets, seatbelts etc

Initially I had considered cutting the carpets out myself but in the end decided that it was better to get a cut set (cloverdale)  as the difference in price wasnt that great and it seemed helpful to get the overcarpets edged. Even with the cut set fitting turned out to be quite time consuming. Working out which sections were insulated was interesting as although most insulation sections bond straight to the body some have the carpets bonded on first and the edges folded over to make a single peice which is then bonded in.Between carpet and insulation we used 10ltrs of contact adhesive!

Heres a few photos showing the insulation and preparing some of the carpets, I’ve tried to include quite a few as I’m not sure there are many pictures of carpet installation out there on the web.


Bulkhead section carpet was folded around this.

Folding carpet for rear seat recess.

The following post will cover the final result with the top carpet fitted.