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More Bodywork Steel: Seatbelts, A-pillar


These photos show the glassing in of the new steel stiffeners into the body and the work to fit modern seatbelts.

Steelwork in channel above side window and over the rear window,

A pillar close up, the steelwork ends in the front wing in the same place as reliant had theirs

B pillar view

Steel support ending in boot,

Steelwork overview,

We then folded up some steel bar to make mounting points for the seatbelts this photo shows a passenger test bracket fitted,

Seatbelt stalks test fitted,

Seatbelt overview,

Dave made up a new battery tray as the old one had mostly dissolved Its slightly larger to accommodate a scimitar sized battery,

Bodywork Repairs, Steel Tube Reinforcement


The following pictures show more of the bodywork repairs, glassing in of the new rollbar, investigation of the steel tube section around the A pillars…

Boot strap supports being glassed in:

Rollbar padded out to remove the dent in the roof and prepped for fibreglass.

Rollbar getting first fibreglass layer

Nice new UNF bolts to hold the chassis down, none of that metric rubbish here.

Front support refitted:

Steeing box refitted, still waiting for new track rods from Amsteer to complete the steering assembly.

Outrigger Bolts, S bolt is where the seatbelt reel will be fitted once the carpet is in.

Continuing the replacement of the chassis steelwork we cut out the corroded metal in A pillars. To do this we removed the inner roof moulding.

Extra view, this moulding will be replaced once we have glassed in new steel supports.

Channel that contained steelwork

Corroded section of steel support after removal

Drivers side Steelwork position shown on the outside of the car.

Passenger side being removed

Outside comparison, note hole blown in the wing by the steel expanding.

The rotten steel will be replaced soon and hopefully we can start looking at the engine and interior!

More Bodywork Repairs


Small update showing repairs to the bodyshell:

Whilst picking at a small crack a large section of the front skirt/bumper moulding dropped off!. poorly repaired accident damage which was held together with body filler!

Photo showing floor repairs

replacement stiffening plates under the seats ready to be glassed in.

front end jigsaw being reassembled

small repairs were needed to both wheel arches where previous accident damage had caused delamination

passenger side footwell – had a hole, the old front chassis outrigger on this side was also badly bent so someone must have driven over something unwise

view behind front bumper showing various repairs

Chassis overview, Starting Grp Repairs


These photos show a better view of the chassis, the start of the fibreglass repairs and removal of the headlining to evaluate fitting a nicely concealed rollbar and roof reinforcement.

Engine and bodywork


Engine was finally unsiezed but it was in need of valves, replacement pistons and liners


Checking the hubs and brakes:

Chassis has had a coat of paint on all the sections that don’t need repairs. I’ll add a better picture later

Body up for the fibreglass work to begin:

Attachement for original lapbelts:

Other seatbelt mount, this is where we intend to tie the new roll bar to the chassis

Bits to fix:

Seat supports to be replaced

Rear view:

At some point in the past a previous owner had added in 3 point seatbelts by glassing some thin steel into the wheel arches:

Crack in the skirt at the front shows where the car had a knock in the past.

Gave the engine bay a bit of a clean up,