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Axle Bracket Replacement

I finally decided to repair my original axle, which was suffering from a severe case of bracket rot. I have got another axle donated by dead scimitar which I intend rebuild in the future, but i decided fixing the existing one would be a quicker way to get the car fit for the road.

Trailing arm axle brackets seem to be a bit of a rust trap on Scimitars and quite a few seem to require replacement. Both QRG and Graham walker sell them but they are not cheap as there is a reasonable amount of fabrication involved in their construction.

Thanks go to Dave who pretty much did all the work shown in this post.

Old Crusty Bracket:

Size difference between the qrg replacment and the old one.

Removing the old one:

Qrg Brackets cut to fit:


New bracket:

Axle after a coat of zinc rich paint,

I’ve gone for a different drain hole in the hope it will drain better this time and help prevent future corrosion.

The axle is back on the car with new shocks,

Finally a random photo showing the Fuse box back in place and loom all reconnected.