1972 Scimitar GTE – Rebuild To Road, 2010-Present

This is the story of the work done to restore My Scimitar Se5a, This was the first car rebuild project that Dave and Myself had taken on and was a sharp learning curve for myself. Especially as I had previously not done much mechanical work.

The car was off the road for over 10 Years and had a series of owners who had not managed to get her back on the road, The backstory as it was told to me was that it had been stripped for a new paint job a couple of years before and no one had ever found the time / money to reassemble it from the large pile of parts…

I’d not taken on a project of this size before but hoped to make fairly swift progress towards getting MOT’d and back on the road. With that in mind I set myself a Hopelessly optimistic target of 3 months to complete the work needed to get it to a roadworthy standard!

The aim was to use the car as everyday transport once on the road, so the rebuild aim was for reliability / factory spec rather than any sort of non standard / high performance build.

I received a car that was theoretically complete… but few things are as straight forward as that. So home in my garage I started out by trying to work out a (Very long) jobs list and to work out what was missing.

Heres a few photos I took shortly after I got the car home (sorry I’ve not got any photos of it before it went in the garage.)

The Parts:

Some useful some not, some from completely different cars…

(Not Pictured: Exhaust manifolds, Propshaft, Fuel Tank – non stainless, lots of internal trim,)

I’ll add some of the recent progress in the next post.

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