Interior fit, Carpet, Seatbelts, Insulation

This post covers a few interior jobs, laying down the insulation, carpets, seatbelts etc

Initially I had considered cutting the carpets out myself but in the end decided that it was better to get a cut set (cloverdale)  as the difference in price wasnt that great and it seemed helpful to get the overcarpets edged. Even with the cut set fitting turned out to be quite time consuming. Working out which sections were insulated was interesting as although most insulation sections bond straight to the body some have the carpets bonded on first and the edges folded over to make a single peice which is then bonded in.Between carpet and insulation we used 10ltrs of contact adhesive!

Heres a few photos showing the insulation and preparing some of the carpets, I’ve tried to include quite a few as I’m not sure there are many pictures of carpet installation out there on the web.


Bulkhead section carpet was folded around this.

Folding carpet for rear seat recess.

The following post will cover the final result with the top carpet fitted.

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