Working out a parts list

In the first week of getting the car I put together a Jobs list in no particular order though the engine test list has been what I’ve been working on recently.

Jobs / major missing parts list List:

To run the engine (to test):
Fit Gearbox and Clutch so engine will be mounted on something other than a piece of 2×4!
Sort Provisonal Electrics,
Fit Starter motor,
Sort out a temporary cooling system,
Sort out temporary ignition,
Exhaust manifolds & pipes

Mostly ok, as far as I’ve seen feels very solid,
missing several steel plates that support the nose / radiator,

Front suspension:
Completely Re bush,
Repace Trunions,
Roll bar Drop Links,
Missing antirollbar clamps,

Calipurs need full service / one has snapped off bleed screw
Replace pipes,
Replacement hoses, pads, etc
Missing a dust cover,
Replacement Brake adjuster 1 missing,
Rear wheel cylinders missing ,

New master cylinder,
New Slave cylinder,
Repalcement hose (still struggling to find a supplier for this)
Reweld pedal after a bodge by a previous owner,

Radiator will probably need repalcing,
Missing Radiator Expansion Tank,
Fan & Mount missing,
Hoses will all need replacing,

Rear Suspension:

Will need rebushing / checking,
One Rear shock needs replacing, may do both at same time,

Front loom missing (will remake)
What has been rewired is in need of redoing properly,
Fuse boxes need replacing,

Fuel tank:
may reattach non stainless one initally,
missing a sender,
needs new hose,

Needs Rebushing,

Far distant will be the interior fit and the rechroming of the front bumper.

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