The Red Rebel


I was looking through Ebay and came across a listing a fantastically inaccurate and misspelled listing for a Reliant Rebel Saloon ( ). I mentioned it to Dave who fancied having it as a first car, so a plan was hatched to buy it and put it back on the road on a shoe string budget…

We went and had a look and decided that it was fairly complete the only bits missing were the rear bench seat, drivers door card and front bumper. Its had 2 owners and and its even still got the factory fitted dunlop tyres!

As a 1966 car its one of the earliest rebels to have survived and came fitted with a 600cc engine from factory.

The Car:

The following morning I won the auction but paid £100 more than I wanted to. We needed a quick pickup to tie in with other time commitments so decided to pick the car up that afternoon.

But first the Scimitar needed a towbar making up and fitting:

We didn’t have any way to check the the wiring so chanced that it would be ok when we got to the hire place. Fortunately it all worked ok.

At this point I should probably mention I’d never towed any kind of trailer before so the 270 mile round trip with was starting to look like a bit of a challenge. As it turned out it was fairly stressless though if doing it again I’d definitely fit a passenger side door mirror to improve visibility on the motorway.


Getting fuel:


An initial look at the  suggested it might go again, its full of reasonable looking oil as is the gearbox. plugs are tight but do move the valves are all free. Hopefully with the starter off it should free up.

Not sure about an engine change yet given the chance it may be interesting to get an mot with the current engine just to experience the full misery of 28 bhp.

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