1966 Reliant Rebel Saloon

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Fabricating Replacement Parts


These photos show the recent work fabricating up new parts and the arrival of a couple of engines, Thanks to Phil (Reliant-Reviver) for putting us in touch with Ian who has helped us out with a selection of engines from which we should be able to build up a good runner.

Heating bar for new pedal with Oxy/Acetylene

Finished pedal

New and old Front Outrigger’s

Rear Outrigger’s With widened top to take Rollbar mounting

Some new arrivals!

Steel Reinforcing the GRP


We found the lack of roof stiffening rather worrying so decided to fabricate a bonded in roll-bar hidden inside the B-posts – this is made using the same method and materials as Reliant used in the Scimitar.

Bending 1″ Tube for Rollbar

Roof section of rollbar being test fitted

These were then clamped and tacked together with the mig.

Drivers side lower rollbar section after bending

Preparing to pot-weld the joining pegs into the roof section, The pegs are made from 8″ lengths of thick-wall pipe.

The fully assembled rollbar section prior to space welding the tubes together

Passenger side view – the offset is to give clearance around the recessed section of the B post where the doorlock mounts.

Front on view.

Test fitting prior to adding seatbelt mount Points.

Chassis Welding – Part 1


The following photos show the start of the chassis repair work.

New section let into rear chassis section – while this section was cut out a crack alongside the spring mounting bush was also welded up. Apparently a common problem on the Rebel.

Patched up the rear crossbrace.

new rear outrigger tacked in place

rear outrigger – note wider top section which will take the lower mounting for the rollbar and also the seatbelt reels.

front outrigger also tacked in situ.

Chopping out the area of the passenger side front chassis that had badly corroded from the battery leaking.

The pitting runs along the bottom of the chassis rail as far as the gearbox crossbrace.

Chassis Repairs – Part 2


The following post documents the rest of the chassis repairs. we then painted the chassis and suspension components which had been cleaned up ready for painting.

Rot cut out:

Replacement steel tacked and hammered in stages to replicate the correct curve:

Trial fitting the prefolded repair section, this was folded to measure by a local fabricator.

Welded in place:

Front section welded in:

From above

Various small holes welded up,

Bottom section fitted,




These photos show the process of building up the chassis with the suspension and braking components.

Bare chassis (upside down :p)

Finished lower roll bar section – note mount point for seatbelt.

Rollbar sections test assembled

Detail view of “B” post section of rollbar

Leaf springs going back on

New master cylinder

new wheel cylinders, ball joints and trunnion bushes

General overview of front suspension going back together

new brake pipes and wiring loom going back on

new rear cylinders

front hubs refitted

starting to look like part of a car again!

Rear view