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Welcome to Red Rebel Restorations

This website documents Restoration Projects of David Williams and Joe Collier. We restore all manner of Cars, Vans, Lamps and Boats. Our tendancy is to being things back to life so we can use and enjoy them, rather than worry about getting things into as new condition. There is no agenda this website will simply record our projects such as they are in the hope that they will be of interest to others and to share technical information along the way.

To date our projects include.

A 1972 Scimitar GTE

A 1966 Reliant Rebel

A 1972 Reliant Rebel Van

A 1968 Scimitar Coupé

A 1968 Reliant Rebel Estate (now sold)

A 1974 Kent Crossflow Engined Reliant Rebel Van.

A 1967 Scimitar Coupé